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Venue change!!!! Please pass on...

Apologies to anyone who has recieved this before...

Bluesilver will take place upstairs at Bunkers Hill this Saturday 25th November.

Kudos let us down at the last moment, hence the late change of venue.

Could be the last one for a while as we will need to search for another permanent venue in the new year.

So here are the details...




Bunkers Hill

Saturday 25th November.

Playing eighties, electroclash, party club classics and mashes.

Thanks and hope to see you... Daxie x
Just a reminder that Bluesilver will be having it's first night in the new venue this coming Saturday.

Hope to see you there.

Here's the details...

It's downstairs at Obsessions, drinks are really cheap, 2 for 1 on pints and some bottles.

Doors open 9pm till 2am, £3 before 10.30 and £4 after.

It's cheaper than the pub and the music is better!

And the new venue is ace!

Please feel free to post or link to this anywhere, the more people who see it the better!

If anyone has requests add them as replies to this post.


See the website http://www.bluesilver.org.uk

Note... there is no Bluesilver in August as it falls on the same weekend as infest... the next Bluesilver will be September.

(Apologies if you see this twice...)
Thanks to all those who came, hope you had a good night!

I went a bit 80's mad there at the end! ;>

If all goes to plan, the next night is 22nd July.

Keep an eye open and when it's confirmed i'll post here.

For setlists and photo's check out the website.


(I'll try to get them up sometime today!)
*Bluesilver on tonight*

Downstairs at Cabaret.


£4 or £3 with flyer.

It's the last one for a while guys, as Cabaret are closing.

Hope to see you there!

Hiya. The next bluesilver is May 27th.

It has moved to the downstairs room at Cabaret.

For more info http://www.bluesilver.org.uk

X daxie X
I have set up this community instead of a forum to post information about the bluesilver goings on.

Sign up to recieve info, post requests or just chat about upcoming nights.

I have made it non-members so anyone can post!

X Daxie X